Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Game Menu Interface

        Game Menu
    Interface Shows
New Game
    Select (default Lamentors)
    Create select using
Load Game

        Star Map:
    Interface Shows
File (Open, Save, Exit)
Imperial Credits/ MegaThrones ($MT)
Turns (T in Terra-weeks)
End Turn (button)
Message Box (notifications, events that turn)

    On-Screen Objects by definition
Solar System (immobile)
Statistics (population, morale, tax rate, production rate, pop growth rate)
Units (holding), fire-power (defensive)
SS specific Commands
Demand Food
Demand Medical Supply
Battle Fleet (carries units, fire-power, speed per turn)
Hive Fleet/ Warp Shadow
Asteroid Swarm
Space Hulk (carries units, speed per turn)
Warp Storm (immobile)
Unidentifiable Object

Select Object

    On-Screen Objects by definition
Factions (selectable)
Statistic: Reputation
Select Command
Offer (crowns, technology, relic/artefact, units)
Demand (crowns, technology, relic/artefact, units, combat support, exterminatus)
Trade (crowns, technology, relic/artefact, units)
Spy on
Go to war with
Begin crusade with
Declare Heresy against

    On-Screen Objects by definition
Statistic: Heresy (no. of heretical crimes committed vs no. of actions performed for the Emperor)%
Statistic: Codex Adhesion
Statistic: Chapter Serfs (percentage of serfs vs required serfs)%
Statistic: Initiates
Statistic: Geneseed Stock (number)
Statistic: Food Supply:Medical Supply

Create New Company
Company Type (command, tactical, mixed, scout, etc)
Administratum Tithes (set Thrones per 4 turns)
Request Warmaster

    On-Screen Objects by definition
Relics (holy)
Artefacts (alien or chaotic)

Research (tech tree)

        Computer Resolutions each turn  
    Events By Chance or Condition
Inquisitorial Event
Inspection (updates Heresy)
Asks for help defending solar system
Detect (Craft-world, Relic, Nearby Combat)
Create Ork Incursion (create object on starmap)
Create Nid Incursion (create object on starmap)
Create Necron Tomb World Spawn
Alien contamination
Abnormal warp flux (any units in the warp in sector X become displaced)
Jones is acting strangely
Servitors misbehaving (-production)
Nonhuman presence detected (-moral)
Critical malfunction
Rebellion (-pop growth and production)
Dancing plague

    Events By Chance or Condition (COMBAT ONLY)
Relic/Artefact Found
Special Character Appearance
Unit Corruption
Unit Captured

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