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Penitorium-Marine Battle-Brothers guilty of any kind of transgression are held here as a form of remedial and penitent punishment.
Could be heretics?

Guest Chambers-Relatively luxurious chambers reserved for important visitors such as members of the Administratum.
For Inquistors?

Foundries-The foundries are where the Marines manufacture and repair their weapons and equipment. The skilled workers of the foundries are known as Brother Artisans. Equipment is evaluated at an adjacent testing and weapon ground.

Teleportorium-These teleporter rooms are spread throughout the base in four places and are the primary means of moving between the fortress and the fleet. Teleportorium One is used to receive guests.

Armoury-A large but crowded underground complex used to store ammunition and weaponry. The security for the whole complex falls to the Master of Ordnance and each armoury may only be entered in his presence, the doors requiring his gene-print and coded signal. In an emergency the Chapter Commander may override this with a secret spoken code.

Apothacarion-An advanced medical facility, used as a hospital, for research and as a bio-lab. This is where warriors are surgically transformed into superhuman Marines. The skilled medical staff have private quarters above the Apothacarion, while the servants and nurses share a dormitory on a lower level.
Recuiment screen?

Reclusiam-The Reclusiam is usually partitioned from the Assimularum by a screen, and is used only for cult activities. It is looked after by a religious officer known as a Reclusiarch and the chapter's holy relics and many of their most precious battle trophies are kept here. The Reclusiarch has an office off to one side, and there are three private chapels dedicated to The Primarch, The Emperor Deified and The Emperor Oracular.

Librarium-The Librarium is more than a collection of books as it also acts as the central repository of records and the main seat of communications. The chapter's astropaths spend most of their time here, monitoring and broadcasting messages from the base. The Chief Librarian is in overall command of the written histories and communications within and without the base as well as the base defences. These defences are controlled from an armoured room in the Librarium. Based within this room are also the Communications Officers and a number of librarians, astropaths and technical assistants.

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